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  • loisamaloisama发表帖子 Merry Christmas and happy new year

    Mayan's bad and the truth of Mayan Prophecy is no damn doomsday...we should not spend all the money up,do all the things......

    2012-12-24 08:18  [来自 一口外语]

  • loisamaloisama发表帖子 后天是OVERMORROW?

    今天看见了一个词:overmorrow就是over+tomorrow,意思为后天但是我们平时说的是the day after tomorrow所以不知道有没有这个说法

    2012-12-14 08:05  [来自 一口外语]

  • loisamaloisama发表帖子 最长英文单词近19万个字母 读完要3.5小时

    最长英文单词近19万个字母 读完要3.5小时   美国科技博客Gizmodo报道,不开玩笑,英语中最长单词包含189819个字母,发音3个半小时!该单词是肌联蛋白的化学名。肌联蛋白是一种巨型蛋白,对肌肉被动弹性至关重要。来源:微博......

    2012-11-23 09:13  [来自 一口外语]

  • loisamaloisama发表帖子 warm day

    what a strange day is!Now, i do not know how to choose the clothes

    2012-09-18 13:36  [来自 一口外语]

  • loisamaloisama发表帖子 Damn'it, monday is coming!

    Nice time is always short.............unsensibly, damn monday is coming tomorrowwhat should i do?

    2012-09-16 20:12  [来自 一口外语]

  • loisamaloisama发表帖子 FRIDAY

    that is friday, the final working dayhappy hour is coming, see youLoisama

    2012-09-14 16:55  [来自 一口外语]

  • loisamaloisama发表帖子 raining!

    what's wrong? it is overcast and then raining nowconfused!

    2012-09-12 13:09  [来自 一口外语]

  • loisamaloisama发表帖子 Apple's new iphone...excited waiting

    apple Inc will release the new iphone, maybe named iphone 5 tonight(US local time)and also it will show ipad mini with 7......

    2012-09-12 08:35  [来自 一口外语]

  • loisamaloisama发表帖子 一老外给外贸人的建议

    一老外给外贸人的建议As a sourcing agent and buyer I can tell you what is a good quotation for me: it includes all relevant informa......

    2012-08-03 15:51  [来自 一口外语]

  • loisamaloisama发表帖子 raining

    when will this damn raining be over?

    2012-06-27 08:30  [来自 一口外语]

  • loisamaloisama发表帖子 what happens

    What Happens When Toddlers Zone Out With An Ipad

    2012-06-13 14:13  [来自 一口外语]

  • loisamaloisama发表帖子 kick and kiss

    wanna kick and kiss someoneanyone want to do that, put hands up!

    2012-06-08 10:07  [来自 一口外语]

  • loisamaloisama发表帖子 nose-on-the-grindstone

    今天早上看了USA TODAY的文章,写了US citizens own nose-on-the-grindstone culture我觉得这句话用在中国人身上是最恰当的

    2012-05-24 08:26  [来自 一口外语]

  • loisamaloisama发表帖子 indian English

    why is it an ear-raping experience to listen to the Indian English?in fact,English is offical language in india

    2012-05-15 18:16  [来自 一口外语]

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